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Aggregates are granular materials; small pieces of crushed stone used in construction and in many other industrial applications. They have different textures, compositions, and characteristics, depending on the site or the geological enclave they come from. The different thicknesses of the aggregates extracted from the quarries or from the gravel pits are achieved by means of modern grinding techniques.

Aggregates are the basis for all types of constructions: cities as they are currently conceived, highways, roads, our homes, hospitals, churches, schools, sports facilities, football stadiums, parks, railways, viaducts, airports… Nothing would be possible without this material.

They are necessary for the manufacturing of many everyday products: glass, paper, plastic, paint, detergents, bread, wine, beer, sugar, medicines, ceramics, tooth paste... They are also useful to reduce sulfur emissions and soil acidity, to produce fertilizers, and additives for fodder. They are also used for wastewater treatment, the control of erosion processes, electricity generation, etc.